New concept for Arenas: Old grass removed and new 3G grass installed in just 7 days!
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Old 3G grass rolling up process.

Rolls are 4 m wide and weigh up to 10 tons.
Rolling up process takes max 10 hours.
Pressure to subbase is minimum, and there is no damage to the shockpad or the heating system.
Transport of the old grass rolls from the field is part of the rolling up service.

We store aprox 30 big rolls to storage area next to the Arena.
Future operation with big rolls is easy and technologically solved.
Properly rolled up big rolls can be stored in a small area (250 m2 will be needed) awaiting for future process.

We can get 99% of old infill out from the grass.
It is possible to dry the infill mixture and separate sand and rubber fraction, to be used on a new grass installation process on the same field.
This is the biggest benefit for Arena owners who have used expensive TPE or EPDM infill inside the old grass.
Big old grass rolls are perfect for reinstallation in a training field or for other purpose.

There is minimum loss of material in the installation process.
Perfect lining by demand.
Possibility to use new lining material.
Arena users can enjoy the new grass after 7 days from the beginning of the MAKEOVER process.

Shortest possible brake for players.


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