New concept for Arenas: Old grass removed and new 3G grass installed in just 7 days!
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If you wish to find second hand artificial grass material with installation

Special grass removing and re-installation equipment allows full size field
(8500 m²) removing and storing next to the field within one workday. Important information: ASI Europe AS is the owner of the metal tubes inside the rolls. We must proceed with the re-installation or recycling shortly after grass up-rolling. Longer storage is possible with an extra agreement.

If you need your artificial grass field to be removed and recycled for free

ASI Europe AS can take full care of all the materials for free if the field is not damaged or ruined by the owner previously. Agreement about removing process must be fixed at least 30 days before the real removing process. ASI Europe AS expert will do a filed inspection before signing the agreement.

If you need to re-locate your existing artificial grass field to another place

Precise removing process with the Laser Guiding System allows a second hand grass re-installation without material loss.

Add your field´s basic information, if you wish to buy, re-locate or recycle your artificial grass field

Best time for changing the artificial grass is spring. Don´t be late and add your field information to our database here now. Either you need a second hand grass or removal of the grass for free, just register your wish here.

Field owner
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Field length Field width
Total area m² Installation year
Grass length Grass producer
Grass type Need for removing
    Need for re-installation

See our re-located artificial grass fields

Coming soon!

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