In building a new field, we can also use lightly used artificial turf. This solution is also affordable for smaller clubs, municipalities and schools. Used artificial turf mostly comes from the football fields of top European clubs. It meets all health requirements and is absolutely safe for players. The technology we use for rolling up the turf makes it possible to reuse without the loss of quality.

The International Football Association (FIFA) has elaborated guidelines on recycling artificial turf. According to FIFA, there are four possible alternatives for using old artificial turf, starting from reusing it on football fields and recycling of materials, to using it as waste fuel or disposing of it in landfills. When describing the impact of these alternatives on the environment, the order remains the same: the most sustainable alternative is to reuse the artificial turf on football fields.

The advantage of the technology elaborated in our company is that we recover 100% of the infill from the football field. Infills of the artificial turf to be removed are separated, cleaned, and dried, and will be reused on the same field. We can reinstall most of the removed turf covering on training fields or football grounds of schools, for example. Our solution is less costly and is also significantly more sustainable when compared to other operators.

Turf can be used to cover full-sized fields, small training fields, as well as sports grounds of schools and nursery schools. We can remove the artificial turf to be reused very accurately and install it on the new field with minimum material losses.

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