Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS is a company specializing in the handling of artificial turf fields. We are known and trusted as being the only company on the market offering a whole range of services from installation of new artificial turf, cleaning and reusing all the removed materials to recycling of worn out artificial turf. We have over 25 years of experience in the 24 EU countries and are well known for our high-quality work.

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we place strong emphasis on sustainability and circularity, as renovating artificial turf fields generates huge quantity of unused materials consisting of rubber, sand and plastic. By 2030, this volume of materials is estimated to increase 5 times, leading to over 3 million tons/year. Our ARENA Concept enables us to separate different components of the removed artificial turf so that it can be reused for different purposes.

The last stage of circular economy is the artificial turf recycling plant, which turns unusable, badly worn artificial turf into plastic granules. The granules are a valuable raw material for the plastics industry. These plants will be mobile and will recycle old materials locally where the artificial turf was removed.

As an innovative company, we strive to further develop our services and concepts to change the artificial turf industry into a more environmentally friendly industry while making it CO2 neutral and waste free.

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