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Demo Day

Belgium gets it’s first look at the Wizard

By Demo Day

On July 3rd in Genk, Belgium. Invited guests were shown the latest in technology that ASIE has to offer.  This time it was our Wizard mobile separation machine for mixed sports infills.  The Wizard allows the mixed infill removed from artificial grass to be processed so that each component can be reused.

With some countries interpreting waste management requirements differently, the need for “certification of origin” of materials that have been recycled is eliminated as they never leave the job site.

“It’s the optimal solution” says one international visitor, “this process removes any need to transport materials off site and as it is not an industrial process, it can operate anywhere.  When can you start?”

The Wizard allows you to reuse the infill back into the new field without all the hassles that follow “Waste Management” in your country as the whole process is done on site, nothing is transported or removed thus the existing certificates and testing apply to the same product.

We are excited to bring the Wizard to Belgium says Eric McGuire, ASIE European representative.  “The Wizard is just one tool of ours that is making a huge difference in how governments, municipalities, cities and football clubs look at how they manage their fields and investments.  We see that our involvement in this change is fast becoming the trend of on-site recycling.” He continued, “With this technology, we are making a strong statement that the artificial grass industry can be waste free and CO2 neutral.  “Without finding sustainable solutions, the industry will find no other way to adapt to societies demand of reducing “wasteful plastics””.

Used football turf gets second life in Gent – DEMO DAY in Belgium

By Demo Day

Renovating a synthetic turf football field requires the removal of the old materials – up to 300 tons of rubber, plastic and sand – which is often simply considered mixed waste that has to be transported to landfill sites or incinerators and disposed of. This is both expensive and a significant burden on the environment.

Advanced Sports Installations Europe organized a demo day in Gent to show machines working on site with a press conference held at local football club.

This successful event saw more than 15 companies from Belgium and Netherlands.  The success can be contributed to this unique technology and service to the municipalities, clubs and operators who have a considerable amount of investments into synthetic turf fields in their region.  With the machines in operation, the visiting public were amazed at our technology and how the process has been so refined that made the removal and processing of the field effortless and without any damage to the subbase or the infrastructure of the field.  Now that the materials have been separated on site, everything can be reused back into the sports industry with ZERO impact to the environment.