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Expanding our involvement in Europe by joining ESTO


With our further expansion into Europe, Director of Operations and Owner of Advanced Sports Installations Europe Raul Lättemägi, signed agreement with the European Synthetic Turf Organization (ESTO).  Raul states, “As we see our influence increase within Europe, ESTO is an effective organization that is helping the industry organize its vision from a consumption industry to a revitalized recycling and reusing industry.  It is essential to have all involved parties in the industry together to develop sustainable components in the synthetic turf industry. It is this way we can support them and work together to develop greener products for the next generations to play on and recycle.”

Representing approximately 70 members across Europe, ESTO is uniquely positioned for research/universities, end users (clubs, leagues, sports governing bodies) and trade. ESTO is a non-profit organization and offers neutral and unbiased information for the promotion of synthetic turf, enhancing its numerous advantages and benefits.

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