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ASI Europe clarifies allegations made by Norwegian TV2 and suggests a better solution

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Advanced Sports Installations Europe (ASIE) has developed a first-of-its-kind mobile recycling solution for artificial grass on football fields, namely ARENA Concept, to offer local circular handling of materials with important cost savings, along with a significantly lower environmental footprint.

To most football field owners, using artificial grass instead of real grass can only sound like a bright idea: it’s easy to maintain, saves a lot of water and doesn’t require pesticides or fertilisers. But there is another side to the coin that ASIE is suggesting better solution for. Materials from artificial grass fields must be recycled locally, avoiding long transportation. As these materials are natural or designed to last longer, ASIE can easily clean them to individual components in order to find the best second life as circular model for recycling.

Firstly, Norwegian municipalities are ordering recycling from main contractors while ASIE is subcontracting to main contractors. ASIE recycling concept has always been available on company´s webpage and projects handled as certified to main contractor. In particular case, when Norwegian field was reinstalled in Croatia, ASIE was not informed about restrictions for reuse and acted in good faith for circulating materials in the best way. In fact, the quality of the removed grass was so good that the previous owner requested to leave some materials for reinstallation in Norway and the new owner in Croatia was well informed in advance and was happy with the reinstalled field in the end.

Secondly, as soon as ASIE was blamed in illegal operations, Estonian environmental authorities visited ASIE’s recycling location to check accusations that ASIE had unlawfully exported artificial grass as dangerous waste from Norway and that the Põltsamaa plant in Estonia was non-existent. Official press release says ASIE complies with legislation and new unused technology for recycling the plastic component of the artificial grass is existing inside the premises in Põltsamaa.

ASIE suggests each country should have local authorized recycling centres managed by waste recycling companies as a solution for official and environmentally friendly recycling. These centres would act as a closest location to minimize the transport cost, plus makes it possible to handle removed materials locally and find the best way for reusing with low impact on nature.

Sarpsborg case study

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Full size field with e-layer in situ recycled locally!

ASI Europe was subcontracted to recycle artificial grass sports field with e-layer in situ in Sarpsborg, Norway. This is why the ARENA technology was once developed!

The CRAB rolled up the field (68 x 102 m).

Mobile separation machine Arena Master knocked out the infill materials next to the field from old grass into big bags (Arena Master).

In situ shock pad removed, crushed and packed in big bags.

The unique advantage of the ARENA concept gives value to all materials locally in a resource efficient way and reduces significantly the long transport impact on air quality.

All materials transported 140 km to Dal Skog (Norway) purification center for cleaning operations.

Sand will be reused after drying and cleaning operation by Wizard, clean used grass recycled for plastic industry, rubber granules used for production of new products, removed e-layer in situ recovered by Wizard to original fraction and reinstalled as new e-layer in situ.

ASI Europe offers local recycling across EU. Less transport, more local recycling, cleaner environment.

Contact for more information.

ASI Europe opens purification centre in Norway

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Advanced Sports Installations Europe (ASIE) has entered into a cooperation agreement with Øvre Romerike Waste Company IKS (ØRAS) for the cleaning of discarded artificial grass sports fields at the waste facility in Dal Skog, Norway. The agreement includes storage and sorting within ØRAS area where the company is authorized to receive such materials.

The cooperation that ASIE has entered into with ØRAS provides the opportunity to work on reuse, material recovery and energy utilization of discarded sports fields.

ASIE is offering the full range of services from installation of artificial grass to removal, cleaning, re-use and recycling of end-of-life artificial grass materials. ASIE has over 25 years of experience in handling artificial grass in 26 countries in Europe.

Much research and development are being conducted on the use of alternative “infill” in artificial grass fields, but it is a fact that there are approx. 1700 artificial grass fields with rubber granules only in Norway. There are at least 20 000 fields in Europe with average lifespan of 10 years creating huge number ow waste stream. It is important to have sound and approved receiving and processing solutions that promote the reuse and recycling of materials when discarded. This is in line with the waste regulations and national environmental targets. It is also important that this circular concept can reduce the need for transport of discarded fields and the consumable materials.

ASIE is now working with partners on operating routines, environmental risk assessments and plans for the operational activities across Europe.

ASI Europe to offer Full Circularity of Synthetic Turf in the Netherlands

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Estonian company Advanced Sports Installations Europe (ASI Europe) will soon offer its ARENA Concept, a first-of-its-kind recycling solution for synthetic turf, in the Netherlands.

ARENA Concept is a technological solution that enables used synthetic turf materials to be cleaned and/or recycled in an economically sustainable way. It covers the whole process from the removal of used synthetic turf with special machinery to complete infill material separation, cleaning, drying, recycling and reuse. 100% of materials can be reused in new sports fields or as recycled raw materials in other industries.

Interest from Dutch market

ASI Europe has been approached by influencers within the Dutch market to come and recycle synthetic turf fields. With many innovation awards received and funding from the EU Horizon 2020 innovation program, ASI was included in the report of “Verwerking van Kunstgrass” in opdracht van het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat Feb 2019. Today, ASIE Europe is making first steps to enter Dutch market and adjust its ARENA Concept to local needs and expectations.

Ready to start tomorrow

“We are motivated to show our experience and technology that synthetic turf fields can be recycled locally. The Dutch are very environmentally minded and have experienced setbacks by recent problems within the turf recycling industry.  Only a business model that handles synthetic turf locally can be economically and environmentally sustainable. We believe that what comes to the city, must stay in the city”, explains Raul Lättemägi, Owner of ASI Europe, the motivation of his company.

A vision of waste free and Carbon neutral recycling

Specializing in the environmental-friendly handling of synthetic turf sports fields, ASI Europe is fully equipped with the technology to provide field owners with full circularity of their fields.

The Arena concept allows the field to be renovated waste-free. As a large part of our technical operations can take place on or in the immediate vicinity of synthetic turf field, we have already reduced the carbon footprint of the company’s services to a very low level, which can be attributed to the significant drop in long-distance transportation and further refining of our processes on site and in the purification centres.

Innovative and sustainable recycling

“Our recycling technology transforms old and worn out synthetic turf into valuable raw materials replacing expensive virgin materials in plastic production. We are the only company offering full circular model from removing used synthetic sports fields until end of lifetime recycling with our own technology. By having all necessary machines and technology, we can provide the market with most sustainable recycling and with the lowest Carbon Footprint”, says Eric McGuire, ASI Europe representative at Dutch market.

“Always comes a time when the synthetic turf is too worn out to use and it needs to be taken out of usage. The easiest way is to send the materials to a landfill or incinerate. This behavior is a short-sighted solution and is not an acceptable activity. Also, transporting rolls long distance is against sustainable goals as the number of trucks needed for the delivery are emitting a lot of CO2, clogging up the highways and polluting the air”, explains Lättemägi, that is why local handling of used synthetic turf materials is important.

Worn-out turf is recycled by ASI Europe. The result of the process, a plastic granulate, can be directly used by our partners. Recycled material is successfully tested for use on the plastic profile industry.

About Advanced Sports Installations Europe

Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS is a company specializing in the handling of synthetic turf fields. Founded in 1992, the company has built over 1200 football fields across 24 EU countries and removed successfully 300 old fields with the lowest environmental footprint in the industry. In 2017 the company earned Estonian Business Award for the Environment and since 2019 the Silver Quality Level of Responsible Business Forum. Advanced Sports Installations is known as the only company offering an “operating lease” for synthetic turf sports fields in Europe.

ASI European Representative will be visiting the Sport Vakbeurs in Houten on the 14th of March.  Please use the contact information below to make arrangements for meetings that day.

Additional information:

Eric McGuire
ARENA Concept representative
+32 491 200 023

First project in Spain

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We are delighted to finish an artificial turf football field renovation project in beautiful and sunny Taradell in Spain. The ARENA Concept team removed the old artificial turf, separated and cleaned the infill. Used artificial turf was reinstalled in a nearby sports field. The cleaned and new infill material was reinstalled to the same field with the new artificial grass. Safe and happy times to all the players in Taradell!

New field built in Faroe Islands

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We are proud to announce of building the new artificial turf field in Marghøllin í Vági, a brand new indoor football hall on the scenic Faroe Islands. Our work included installation of shock pad and artificial turf with infill as well as lining. All works were done in 7 days by January 30. As this video demonstrates, future Faroese football legends were able to start training already one hour after completing the installation of turf and cleaning-up!

Photo by Marghøllin í Vági

Partnership with Top Consulting Esportiu

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We started a partnership with a Catalonian company Top Consulting Esportiu, a team of professional managers in the sports sector. Top Consulting puts their experience and professionalism at the service of public sector and private companies that need to develop a management project, undertake the construction of a sports facility or plan its commercial exploitation. Advanced Sports Installations Europe is looking for strong partnership with professional attitude, sharing the same values in artificial turf industry. Co-operation agreement was signed by Raul Lättemägi, owner of Advanced Sports Installations Europe, and Ignasi Senabre, CEO at Top Consulting Esportiu in Barcelona on the 6th of February, 2018.