Belgium gets it’s first look at the Wizard

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On July 3rd in Genk, Belgium. Invited guests were shown the latest in technology that ASIE has to offer.  This time it was our Wizard mobile separation machine for mixed sports infills.  The Wizard allows the mixed infill removed from artificial grass to be processed so that each component can be reused.

With some countries interpreting waste management requirements differently, the need for “certification of origin” of materials that have been recycled is eliminated as they never leave the job site.

“It’s the optimal solution” says one international visitor, “this process removes any need to transport materials off site and as it is not an industrial process, it can operate anywhere.  When can you start?”

The Wizard allows you to reuse the infill back into the new field without all the hassles that follow “Waste Management” in your country as the whole process is done on site, nothing is transported or removed thus the existing certificates and testing apply to the same product.

We are excited to bring the Wizard to Belgium says Eric McGuire, ASIE European representative.  “The Wizard is just one tool of ours that is making a huge difference in how governments, municipalities, cities and football clubs look at how they manage their fields and investments.  We see that our involvement in this change is fast becoming the trend of on-site recycling.” He continued, “With this technology, we are making a strong statement that the artificial grass industry can be waste free and CO2 neutral.  “Without finding sustainable solutions, the industry will find no other way to adapt to societies demand of reducing “wasteful plastics””.

Used football turf gets second life in Gent – DEMO DAY in Belgium

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Renovating a synthetic turf football field requires the removal of the old materials – up to 300 tons of rubber, plastic and sand – which is often simply considered mixed waste that has to be transported to landfill sites or incinerators and disposed of. This is both expensive and a significant burden on the environment.

Advanced Sports Installations Europe organized a demo day in Gent to show machines working on site with a press conference held at local football club.

This successful event saw more than 15 companies from Belgium and Netherlands.  The success can be contributed to this unique technology and service to the municipalities, clubs and operators who have a considerable amount of investments into synthetic turf fields in their region.  With the machines in operation, the visiting public were amazed at our technology and how the process has been so refined that made the removal and processing of the field effortless and without any damage to the subbase or the infrastructure of the field.  Now that the materials have been separated on site, everything can be reused back into the sports industry with ZERO impact to the environment.

Silver quality level of Responsible Business

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We were recognized with a Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate and silver level quality label.

The quality label is given to companies who took part in the Estonian Corporate Social Responsibility Index, which value sustainable growth and contribute strategically to the development of the social and natural environment.

At the official ceremony, the silver quality label and the certification were given to Raul Lättemägi, owner of Advanced Sports Installations Europe.

According to Raul Lättemägi, the company achieved 83% of maximum score of CSR Index in its category and improved its quality level from last year’s bronze to silver this year. “We received feedback from CSR experts that operating responsibly has entwined with main activities of our company and we will show up initiative to act with responsibility. Based on this way of thinking, we have created the Arena Concept, an innovative zero-waste method for handling artificial grass on-site, that enables to reuse most of the materials from the artificial turf sports fields,” says Lättemägi.

First project in Spain

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We are delighted to finish an artificial turf football field renovation project in beautiful and sunny Taradell in Spain. The ARENA Concept team removed the old artificial turf, separated and cleaned the infill. Used artificial turf was reinstalled in a nearby sports field. The cleaned and new infill material was reinstalled to the same field with the new artificial grass. Safe and happy times to all the players in Taradell!

We won the Estonian Business Award for the Environment 2017

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Our unique ARENA Concept, an innovative zero-waste method for recycling artificial turf on-site, was announced as the general winner of the eco-friendliness competition and it also received the most of e-ballots during public voting in its category. Technology developed by our company enables 100% of the materials to be reused in new sports fields or as recycled raw materials in other industries. It reduces CO2 emissions by 70% when compared to present methods of field renewal, solving the biggest problem associated with artificial turf fields – environmental pollution.

At the official ceremony, the Award was given to Raul Lättemägi, the ARENA Concept owner, by Minister of the Environment Siim Kiisler.

Photographer: Joonas Sisask

New field built in Faroe Islands

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We are proud to announce of building the new artificial turf field in Marghøllin í Vági, a brand new indoor football hall on the scenic Faroe Islands. Our work included installation of shock pad and artificial turf with infill as well as lining. All works were done in 7 days by January 30. As this video demonstrates, future Faroese football legends were able to start training already one hour after completing the installation of turf and cleaning-up!

Photo by Marghøllin í Vági

Partnership with Top Consulting Esportiu

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We started a partnership with a Catalonian company Top Consulting Esportiu, a team of professional managers in the sports sector. Top Consulting puts their experience and professionalism at the service of public sector and private companies that need to develop a management project, undertake the construction of a sports facility or plan its commercial exploitation. Advanced Sports Installations Europe is looking for strong partnership with professional attitude, sharing the same values in artificial turf industry. Co-operation agreement was signed by Raul Lättemägi, owner of Advanced Sports Installations Europe, and Ignasi Senabre, CEO at Top Consulting Esportiu in Barcelona on the 6th of February, 2018.

Expanding our involvement in Europe by joining ESTO


With our further expansion into Europe, Director of Operations and Owner of Advanced Sports Installations Europe Raul Lättemägi, signed agreement with the European Synthetic Turf Organization (ESTO).  Raul states, “As we see our influence increase within Europe, ESTO is an effective organization that is helping the industry organize its vision from a consumption industry to a revitalized recycling and reusing industry.  It is essential to have all involved parties in the industry together to develop sustainable components in the synthetic turf industry. It is this way we can support them and work together to develop greener products for the next generations to play on and recycle.”

Representing approximately 70 members across Europe, ESTO is uniquely positioned for research/universities, end users (clubs, leagues, sports governing bodies) and trade. ESTO is a non-profit organization and offers neutral and unbiased information for the promotion of synthetic turf, enhancing its numerous advantages and benefits.

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Strategic international membership with Synthetic Turf Council

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We became a full member of the Synthetic Turf Council, the world’s largest organization of the synthetic turf industry, representing over 200 companies with operations in over ten countries.
“With our Removal and Recycling program being launched to all of Europe, it is an exciting time to be part of this business,” says Roomer Tarajev, the PR & Media Manager for Advanced Sports Installations Europe. Roomer continues, “We are merging our resources and technology to further mobilize the recycling business while educating the public on strategic and effective ways to manage synthetic turf fields in and around their cities. As a member of this fine origination, we will be looking forward to meeting and brainstorming with other industry leaders on important social and environmental topics.”

Founded in 2003, the STC assists buyers and end users with the selection, use and maintenance of synthetic turf systems in sports field, golf, municipal parks, airports, landscape and residential applications. It is a resource for current, credible, and independent research on the safety and environmental impact of synthetic turf, as well as technical guidance on the selection, installation, maintenance, and environmentally responsible disposal of synthetic turf.

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