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ASI Europe clarifies allegations made by Norwegian TV2 and suggests a better solution

By December 9, 2019Projects

Advanced Sports Installations Europe (ASIE) has developed a first-of-its-kind mobile recycling solution for artificial grass on football fields, namely ARENA Concept, to offer local circular handling of materials with important cost savings, along with a significantly lower environmental footprint.

To most football field owners, using artificial grass instead of real grass can only sound like a bright idea: it’s easy to maintain, saves a lot of water and doesn’t require pesticides or fertilisers. But there is another side to the coin that ASIE is suggesting better solution for. Materials from artificial grass fields must be recycled locally, avoiding long transportation. As these materials are natural or designed to last longer, ASIE can easily clean them to individual components in order to find the best second life as circular model for recycling.

Firstly, Norwegian municipalities are ordering recycling from main contractors while ASIE is subcontracting to main contractors. ASIE recycling concept has always been available on company´s webpage and projects handled as certified to main contractor. In particular case, when Norwegian field was reinstalled in Croatia, ASIE was not informed about restrictions for reuse and acted in good faith for circulating materials in the best way. In fact, the quality of the removed grass was so good that the previous owner requested to leave some materials for reinstallation in Norway and the new owner in Croatia was well informed in advance and was happy with the reinstalled field in the end.

Secondly, as soon as ASIE was blamed in illegal operations, Estonian environmental authorities visited ASIE’s recycling location to check accusations that ASIE had unlawfully exported artificial grass as dangerous waste from Norway and that the Põltsamaa plant in Estonia was non-existent. Official press release says ASIE complies with legislation and new unused technology for recycling the plastic component of the artificial grass is existing inside the premises in Põltsamaa.

ASIE suggests each country should have local authorized recycling centres managed by waste recycling companies as a solution for official and environmentally friendly recycling. These centres would act as a closest location to minimize the transport cost, plus makes it possible to handle removed materials locally and find the best way for reusing with low impact on nature.