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Sarpsborg case study

By September 5, 2019Projects

Full size field with e-layer in situ recycled locally!

ASI Europe was subcontracted to recycle artificial grass sports field with e-layer in situ in Sarpsborg, Norway. This is why the ARENA technology was once developed!

The CRAB rolled up the field (68 x 102 m).

Mobile separation machine Arena Master knocked out the infill materials next to the field from old grass into big bags (Arena Master).

In situ shock pad removed, crushed and packed in big bags.

The unique advantage of the ARENA concept gives value to all materials locally in a resource efficient way and reduces significantly the long transport impact on air quality.

All materials transported 140 km to Dal Skog (Norway) purification center for cleaning operations.

Sand will be reused after drying and cleaning operation by Wizard, clean used grass recycled for plastic industry, rubber granules used for production of new products, removed e-layer in situ recovered by Wizard to original fraction and reinstalled as new e-layer in situ.

ASI Europe offers local recycling across EU. Less transport, more local recycling, cleaner environment.

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