ARENA Concept is the first on-site recycling solution that enables materials from artificial grass fields to be reused and/or recycled in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. It covers the whole process from the removal of used artificial grass with special machinery to complete infill material separation, cleaning, drying, recycling and reuse. It enables 100% of materials to be reused in new sports fields or prepared as recycled raw materials for other industries.

Local recycling is the keyword for the future. ARENA Concept stands for low Carbon Footprint aiming to use materials locally and keep CO2 emission as low as possible therefore no significant amount of transport is needed. This is the reason why we have signed agreements with local recycling centres we call purification centres, where depending on location all possible sorting, cleaning and recycling operations can take place. Materials are definitely stored separately from others and tagging creates trust between customers and ARENA concept. The whole concept makes the recycling transparent and reliable for customers and owners of the fields.

  • Artificial grass sports fields recycled locally
  • Sand cleaned, dried and prepared for reusing
  • Rubber granules reused in other industries
  • Used grass reprocessed or agglomerated for plastic industry
  • Transparent operations in line with all permits
  • Circularity with zero-waste management
  • Motivated by Clean Environment idea
  • Carbon Footprint officially approved
  • Microplastics handling at infill cleaning
  • Concept machinery available in whole Europe
  • Damage-free to the grass, shock pad, subbase or heating system
  • E-layer in-situ recycling for reinstallation with mobile machinery

Arena Concept machinery and possible operations:

Artificial grass roll-up

We remove the artificial grass from a full-size sports field with the Crab in one day. The grass with sand and/or rubber inside is rolled up in 4-metre-wide strips, with a total of just 30 rolls. Pressure on the subbase is minimal and there is no damage to the shock pad or heating system. The Crab could also remove the e-layer in-situ (artificial grass shock pad) for recycling.

Infill reclamation

Rolls are processed by the Arena Master. We reclaim 100% of the infill from the grass. After this process, the grass will be rolled again. The infill mixture can undergo a separation process. Infill reclamation is done next to the field or at purification centres.

Infill cleaning and separation

Sand and rubber granules are dried, cleaned and separated by the mobile Wizard module. Stored safely in big bags. The processed infill materials meet the quality standards and can be reinstalled.


Cleaned and high-quality artificial grass could be reinstalled as a new sports field or school playing area if allowed and requested by the customers. There is minimal loss of material in the installation process. Possibility to use new lining material.

E-layer in-situ recycling

Material removed and stored in big bags is recycled with Wizard module. With recovering the same particles as installation phase, this operation allows us to use the same materials for installing new elastic layer underneath the artificial grass.

End of lifetime recycling

Once the clean artificial turf is decided to recycle, a semi-mobile recycling line is used at purification centres. Artificial turf, fiber backing and latex/PU are separated by quality, master batched and recycled into new materials for the plastics industry.

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