Our mobile factory transforms old and worn out artificial grass into valuable raw materials.

Modern 3G artificial grass has reached a high-quality level and has very good durability, among other important properties needed on sports fields.

Thanks to the ARENA Concept, which makes good artificial grass reinstallation possible, there still comes a time when the artificial grass carpet is too worn out to use for football and other sports games. It is time to take the artificial grass carpet out of usage. The easiest way is to send the material to a landfill. This behaviour is a short-sighted solution and is not an acceptable activity.

The 3G artificial grass mainly consists of PP (backing) and PE (fibres), which are both plastic materials and can be reused.

We have developed a full solution for end-of-lifetime management of used artificial grass. As the whole ARENA project, we are focusing on environmental protection at the same time as we develop our technology for artificial grass field renewal. Our target is to minimize energy consumption in recycling and all supporting processes to make this a competitive solution for the end of life of the artificial grass. This is the reason why we are only building a mobile factory for recycling used grass – transporting long distances will not be economically reasonable and will also impact CO emissions.

ASIE has verified a technology that we will implement in our mobile grass recycling factory. This mobility will set its own rules for the equipment – the size and weight of the devices also becomes important. Of course, energy consumption and usage of other resources has to be minimized. For example, we will use a rotary dry cleaner to get a pure artificial grass material for the agglomeration process. When we use water for washing the material, we have to start handling wastewater and also use a lot of energy to get the material dry again. In this way, it would clearly be a waste of resources! Our process is water-free.

Based on the ARENA Concept, we remove the infill from the artificial grass next to the pitch. When used artificial grass will not be used immediately, we will collect it to our closest storage area. When storage has a sufficient amount of artificial grass for recycling we will bring our mobile factory to the site and recycle the material. The result of this is a plastic granulate that can be directly used in the plastic industry and will be sold through our partners.

Our recycled material is successfully tested for use on the plastic profile industry.

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