New concept for Arenas: Old grass removed and new 3G grass installed in just 7 days!
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We invite you to take part in our second demo day where we will exhibit all of our innovative machinery, talk about the work process and do demonstration works with CRAB, Arena Master and Wizard - the machines that enable us to reuse 100% of the materials in new fields.

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Interested about Arena Concept demopresentation
in the summer of 2017
in your area?


Interested about Arena Concept demopresentation in your area?

Please register here and Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS will inform & organize both your travel and accommodation to the next demonstration show about Arena Concept in summer 2017!

About us

Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS is a Europe based company specialising in the installation of sports surfaces and equipment. We have over 24 years of experience in the industry and are well known for our high quality work throughout Europe.

Our artificial grass recycling technology ARENA concept has received a grant from the Horizon 2020 phase I and II projects. Our artificial grass recycling concept ARENA enables us to save the environment by 70% compared to other known technologies.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen can install a wide range of products including Artificial turf pitches, tennis courts, basketball courts, running tracks and sports equipment.
Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS works closely with architects, local authorities and educational establishments to provide solutions for all new schemes.

No matter what your sport, we can get the best out of your facilities. Using our highly skilled team and the latest technology, we guarantee you a superior result. Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS is not restricted to any single manufacturer. We can offer unbiased advice to clients to evaluate the best service for them.

We can install in any part of Europe and our main activity is installing artificial turf pitches. But we also provide and install the equipment that goes with the pitches.

Different installation teams are capable of installing ca 1 000 000 m² of artificial turf in the year 2016. Our installation teams are professionals and have the best quality machinery to use.

Precision, Quality & Innovation On Time!


On the 25th of May 2017 we attended the Responsible Business Gala and received a bronze label.
Photo: Kalev Lilleorg

We attended the Grass Yarn & Tufters Forum in Madrid again this year.

The ARENA2017 technology fair was a great success! Thank you everyone for attending!

We are attending the biggest football event this fall - FOOTBALL FEST. Come see us at Zagreb, Croatia during 27.-30.10.2016

Football is today, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the world. More than a billion people watch live or broadcasted FIFA's World Cup or UEFA Champions League. Moreover, football has grown into one of the largest industries in the modern world, and throughout history has had a major impact on the process of globalization and the strengthening of national and local identity as well.

Football Fest is a specialized exhibition dedicated to football. The aim is to attract fans of the most important secondary thing in the world in South-Eastern Europe (and beyond) to exchange experience, knowledge and contacts while presenting their products, services and projects.

Football Fest can give added value to football clubs, federations, players, entrepreneurs, sport industry companies, marketing, research and PR agencies, managers of sports facilities, marketing and kinesiology students and all others who are related or just can't resist football.

You can find us at space 110 in pavillion 10a.

In October 2016 Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS joined the Responsible Business Forum Estonia.
Responsible Business Forum Estonia joins companies to whom it is important to act responsibly so that they could ensure the sustainability of their company, society and country.

In August 2016 ASI Europe finished turf renewal in Farum Park inDenmark, where turf is installed directly onto electrical heating system. We managed to make the job without any damage to the heating system thanks to our special technology!

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