Award Winning Quality

Our sustainable and circular concept of handling artificial turf fields won Estonian Business Award for the Environment 2017

Sustainable Innovation

Separate, reuse and/or recycle 100% artificial turf field materials on-site, thereby avoiding unnecessary transport of usable materials, less transport of materials to jobsite, the generation of waste all while minimize the project’s total carbon footprint

Artificial Turf Circularity

All components of removable artificial turf field can be sorted, cleaned, dried and these materials could be used on the same football field or area, significantly saving field owner’s expenses

Rent a Field

Install an artificial turf football field with operating lease that guarantees free recycling and regular maintenance

Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS is one of the pioneering companies in Europe specializing in the environmental-friendly handling of artificial turf fields. We have the technology and experience for full circularity.  From removal of the artificial sports fields to recycling of worn-out artificial turf. Operating on the field or locally, our Carbon Footprint is lowest in the industry guaranteed.

With waste free recycling of artificial turf fields ASI Europe provides sports field owners local high-quality recycling with sorting, upcycling or recycling all materials locally, without the negative environmental effect from long transport.

We have been in operation since 1992 and offer wide range of services from installation of new artificial turf until end-of-lifetime management of artificial turf materials. Our long experience in the industry allows us to offer unbiased advice to clients to evaluate the best service for them.

In our vision the artificial turf industry can be CO2 neutral and waste free. Our goal is to offer the most environmentally friendly and economically beneficial service for our clients when it comes to handling artificial turf fields and its materials.

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Artificial grass is over engineered. With a life span of well over 100 years, plastics in these fields have not met their EOL after 10+ years. This is only 10%.

We believe that recycling a product that has not met its end of life is creating more harm than good.  Creating more CO2 and unnecessary usage of energy to recycle a product that has only seen 10% of its usage is against every EU sustainable goal of consumer goods. This is why we take great care in determining the grass’ life cycle and what reuse or re-purpose it can receive once its removed.  ASIE is the only recycling company making this clear distinction in its recycling process.  Saving the environment every m2!

The first 5G leasing concept field was built in Haapsalu, Estonia, meaning maintenance and end-of-life recycling became the operator's responsibility.

Why use Green Public Procurement and lease an artificial turf field?

The Estonian company Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS, which for 27 years has constructed football fields all over Europe, has built a new artificial turf football field for Haapsalu City Stadium on the principle of an operating lease.

According to Tarmo Tuisk, the director of the company Haapsalu Linna Spordibaaside OÜ, the football field constructed in 2008 was outdated and in dire need of renovation. ‘We decided that instead of buying an expensive artificial turf covering with infill, we would lease it. We found that building an artificial turf field and financing it from running costs is an easier process for us. Since the entire renovation process was important to us, we carried out Green Public Procurement to ensure that the winner of the procurement would handle all old materials in an environmentally friendly way and that the new field would comply with the highest quality standards. To us it was important to have an operator who is experienced and who has the technology and a real action plan to handle the used materials,’ says Tuisk. ‘The procurement to renovate the field was won by Advanced Sports Installations Europe, declared as the 2017 Environment-Friendly Enterprise of the Year, who removed the old artificial turf from the 5265 square metre field and installed a new covering. The procurement terms included a requirement that the old artificial turf must be recycled in a waste-free manner or prepared for reuse within two years. We are very happy with the new field. A regular procurement process would certainly not have given us the quality service that we got with Green Public Procurement.’

Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS (ASIE) is the only known company in Europe that offers artificial turf sports fields on the principle of operating leases.

According to the owner of the company Raul Lättemägi, the next generation 5G field was made available to Haapsalu’s footballers on the basis of a lease, similar to operating leases that are widely used for purchasing vehicles or expensive equipment. ‘This releases a football club or local authority from the need to pay a sizeable amount of money for the new field and take responsibility for maintaining it,’ explains Lättemägi. ‘Monthly lease payments are evenly distributed throughout the whole contract period and they also include regular maintenance of the field with modern technology. In addition, the monthly payment includes later utilisation of the turf, which is not cheap at all – in the case of a full size football field, 250–300 tonnes of various materials have to be recycled.’

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New artificial turf installation
Used artificial turf removal / reinstallation
Used artificial turf field materials separation, drying, cleaning
Removal of infill from the artificial turf fields
E-layer removal, on-site recycling, (re)installation
Second-hand artificial turf materials in stock
Artificial turf recycling

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We install high quality artificial turf that meets all local sport requirements. We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers of artificial turf, selecting the best turf from their product ranges to install according to the individual requirements of every client.


We renovate an artificial turf field in 7 days from removal of turf to installing new artificial turf. Comparing to other solutions at the market, we remove the turf two times quicker and complete the installation of the new covering two times faster.


ARENA Concept is not only a zero-waste method for recycling artificial turf on-site and giving second life to used artificial turf materials, but it also provides with the lowest carbon footprint service on the market.

 “My colleagues and I have been laying artificial turf fields all over Europe for a quarter of a century by now. There was a moment when we realized that perfecting the quality and our work processes was necessary but by no means sufficient: we needed a new way of thinking, which came to life in the form of an operating lease for sports infrastructures and circular economy in the construction of football fields.”

Raul Lättemägi
ARENA Concept Owner
Founder of Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS

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The ARENA Concept leaflet – An innovative zero-waste method for recycling artificial turf on site in just 7 days!

Download Leaflet (ENG)


The ARENA Concept leaflet – An innovative zero-waste method for recycling artificial turf on site in just 7 days!

Download Leaflet (ENG)
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Seeing Is Believing

Take a look at the video about the benefits of the unique ARENA Concept.

See short video clips about removing, reusing and recycling of artificial turf materials, infill reclamation, an operating lease of next-generation 5G fields and other technologies we have elaborated.

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ASIE was able to complete the project swiftly and to a high standard, with their ability to remove full-sized turf rolls, including infill, setting them apart from their competitors.

Luke EdwardsSports System Development Manager of SIS Group Ltd. – the main contractor of Allianz Park

It was a pleasure to work with ASIE. They are professional and reliable – there was no extra work or price “surprises” during the process, they put a strong focus on the quality of their work, they stuck to the time schedule and within budget, and the work was done quickly.

Markus LahtinenHyvinkään Tieluiska OY (the main contractor of Savio School project)

Their team is very professional and it was easy to see that they have years of experience in this field. They also have an excellent machine park.

Christian StarlingProject manager of Unisport (the main contractor of Farum Park project)

Precision, Quality & Innovation On Time!